Will Storr

  Will Storr is an award-winning journalist and novelist who has written for various publications including The New Yorker, The Sunday Times Magazine and Esquire. Awards under his belt include a National Press Club award for excellence, an AFM award for Best Investigative Journalism for his investigation into the kangaroo meat industry and an AIB … More Will Storr

Blogging: A foot in the door for student journalists

Writing eight long, heavily researched essays in one week is no joke. I imagine there are those who have it worse. “Oh hell naw”, you might think. I too thought that my lecturers were simply trying to make life difficult for a group of students who are not planning on writing essays for the rest … More Blogging: A foot in the door for student journalists

Let’s get married!

Originally posted on insideWomen:
I think we’ve warped the concept of marriage, it shouldn’t be so complicated. It’s a simple relationship. People shouldn’t need so much money to get married.? Would it be so horrible not to have a big lavish wedding, to not afford a home at get go, to have to use second-hand…