Blogging: A foot in the door for student journalists


Writing eight long, heavily researched essays in one week is no joke. I imagine there are those who have it worse. “Oh hell naw”, you might think.

I too thought that my lecturers were simply trying to make life difficult for a group of students who are not planning on writing essays for the rest of their lives at first. I honestly believed I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but then I realized something. Learning how to write factual and well-written pieces in a short space of time prepares one for the more relaxed kind of writing.

If there is any easy way to create a portfolio for yourself, it is through blogging. Whether is through blog sites or micro-blogging on Twitter, it enables you to find an audience and keep it. You leave university knowing who you want to cater for and any news organisation would find it beneficial to employ a person who already has a following.

After a year of blogging, you look back at some of your posts and they literally make you cringe. This is likely to be the case when I look back at this post in a year. So, imagine how much better your writing becomes after four years of just keeping at it.

There are people who have landed jobs because of their blogs. Any journalism student should get used to blogging and having their Twitter/Facebook followers read and criticize their work. Think about it and thank me later.


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